Is this .com or org!


Re wordpress App that I presently have


The New Site Is Gone

Yes, unfortunately, the new site, (not this site: is down and out.

Whatever or whomever has caused me many problems, has won. I have learned, what I’m not interested in learning, and deleted the site.

I am quite busy now, so I will not be re-doing the site.

SORRY to everyone looking forward to more stuff on the now eliminated site.

Since the ‘new site’ does not exist, none of the intended links, from this site to that site, will work.


Last Post for a while

I am taking time away from this monthly blog, and from the Now We Shall Begin.COM site to educate and re-educate myself.

I’m finding it embarrassing and frustrating that my grammar is only at the grade 3-6 level, but I  must finish this to continue to improve my English reading comprehension. 

The same thing goes for the grade 7 math that I’m learning.  Fortunately, I can teach most of this to myself, but it still could take me a few years to reach excellent marks in the two grade 12 level classes.  

I’m also continuing my study of HTML1-5 and some WordPress tricks.  I don’t perceive myself, in the future, as standing on the sidelines watching scientists create what presently seems like magic to me.  I want to have a good working knowledge of what the main technologies are about so that I can make better informed decisions and otherwise help out when I can.

This site is still connected to  but I’m finding it to be disorganized and thus in need of a change of structure.

So I do plan to change its structure though when and how is an unknown.

I think that a lot of people might be turned off by the “$14 trillion”amount, but really, when I look at the completion of my ideas multiplied by  the amount of money I can sell the stuff for, at half the present selling price, the $14 trillion is just my share of a larger portion of money.

Thanks for all the ‘likes’ everyone.

I’ll be back again after some big changes in my life have been made (or when requires me to return-if there is such a requirement.) 


Better computer; Better site Oct 31,’13

This is my monthly review, though I see now that it has been 1 month and 10 days; hopefully no-one has been impatiently waiting.

I have had too many computer issues including with my computer’s browser.  It is irreparable, except by re-install which didn’t help after 3 tries,  2 times by Apple ‘Genius’ at the Apple Store and one time by myself.

So now I’m waiting for the arrival of my new Macbook Air.  I went the refurbished route to save about $300, and still get all the things that I wanted.  SSD (Solid State Drive) 256 GB Apple calls Flash Storage, its light to carry, 8GB memory, 2GHz (which will go up to 3.2 GHz when required) dual core Intel i7. So when I get my higher speed internet set up my system will be made for speed, which is what I want, partly because I’m again looking into online trading and also because I eventually want to program in c++ which I understand does compiling so I”ll specially need the speed then.

This month, the business of me trying to make money has been about: 1) me trying to improve my communication skills with my illustrator, in hopes that she will draw quicker and more accurately, (my improved skills hasn’t helped); 2) me working through trying to  make my site better, 3) my realizing that I need to improve my reading comprehension skills; 4)my finally realizing that the new things weren’t appearing to be work  because my computer’s browser wasn’t working properly; 5) me trying new business/private/themes (not to be confused with the WordPress themes) that were interesting to me, 6) more setting up the new site (this actually belongs at the top of the list, and me researching what kind of computer to replace my present computer including learning lots of things about computers in general along the way.

Right now, I’m still working on my social skills, improving my reading comprehension (talking comprehension is good), learning about binary options, writing a couple notes like this one, waiting for my new computer to arrive, and waiting for a book about computer programming to be ready for pickup from the Toronto Public Library; (They have tons of ‘up to date’ info there.

Once I get my new computer, I hope to change my settings on Dreamhost to Multi-site so that I can set up a site for my children’s book.  I also plan to make some more major changes to my new site.  The idea is to be able to keep changing plans and adding new components to my life on the site without making a big change to everything, every two weeks.

‘We’ll see’..

WOW!  I can’t believe this appears to be on my old browser and my phones’s browser as one complete long, long paragraph. -have to try to change this!

Recent Past, Present, Future

Lately, I’ve been setting up my new site at the web address:  It’s a bit of a mess, sometimes, and is sometimes changing every few minutes, but it might be interesting for someone to watch how it changes as a whole.
Sometimes, I don’t get a chance to work on it for a few days, so hopefully no-one
is checking the site every 5 minutes.
I’m also working on another business idea. I’m deciding, over the next few weeks, whether I will join someone and make their business better, or start-up my own better business, as their competitor til I sell them out of business.

3rdly, I’m improving the wording of my descriptions for my illustrator.  She doesn’t seem to understand my present descriptions very well.

Hopefully, in a couple of weeks, I’ll start having pages that link from this site to my new site.  And also continue to have less postings on this site.  I might just post a monthly summary on this site.  Then on my site I’ll have the details of my making money and my life.  I will also have the  occasional ad which I will put in.  Any ads on this site, , were installed by WordPress, not me.  I don’t have a choice.  It’s how WordPress affords to make this site free for me to use.

I’m going to put a date in my schedule, for me, to write here one month from today, more specifically, every day/night of the 19th (October 19th is next), and see how
this works.

Lately I’ve also been spending 2 hours a day doing physiotherapy exercises.  To me, that’s a significant portion of my day, but I want to keep getting physically stronger until I’m as strong as I can physically get.   I was in great shape when I was a kid, and I want to get that, at least, back.  Furthermore, I am a man now, and I want to be strong and physically capable like I think a man can be.

I plan to type more about my life as a whole on my new site, as I want this documented for memory’s sake, and also I think that every part of my life affects the other parts of my life.

I plan to have different areas on my site, so that anyone including myself, can skip undesired sections,  and read whatever we want.  I also plan to put more pictures of places and things I have and have experienced, in my life, on my site ,too, so that I can document myself better.
As for pictures of me, I going to keep them in other places for now.